Monday, May 30, 2005

"Everyday is a new day"

Every year Major League Baseball and its minor league analysts talk about what "cheap" or "two for one deals" the A's pulled off in the off-season. Even more so the analysts talk about who they drafted and what prospects Billy Beane has snatched from high school and college teams and then hid from other scouts on the west coast. This year Rich Harden (2-3), Joe Blanton (0-5), and Danny Haren (1-7) have started games for the A's this year, all good prospects!
Although the records and earned run average of the young trio are anything but sufficient they have talent and shelf value, in the meantime the A's need to win games and save the arms/careers of their bullpen. What they need right NOW... is a veteran pitcher(s). It doesn't matter if he's a starter or riding the bullpen pine, Oakland needs someone to steer the young staff in the right direction because Barry Zito isn't gonna cut it as a leader. Just because Zito's hair is long it doesn't mean he is a "Jedi". I've heard and read things like "Yeah, I know I'm 1-6 but everyday is a new day and I just wake up and pitch ball games". Pretty tacky stuff considering the entire team was depending on him to be worth keeping around and setting the tone on opening day.
You now what Barry? We all wake up everyday wanting to watch the A's win and you have only done that for us one time this season.

Friday, May 20, 2005


Oh, okay, so you make sure you're NOT going to be doubled off first before you run to second base.

"If 2nd base was only 40 or 45 feet away, I probably would have made it."

Scott Hatteberg, VETERAN

I guess that's why The SF Chronicle did an article on Ron Washington, the 3rd base coach and not Brad Fischer, the 1st Base coach.


Sound Factory


Scott Hatteberg is supposed to be the A's 'veteran'. Yet, he continues to play poorly in the field and ran the A's out of an inning in the 6th.

And, YET, the A's run him out to 1st base every day.


Kielty is 3 for 3 tonight and his Batting Average has jumped from .000 a month ago to .309. His On Base Percentage is over .410.

The A's were looking for an answer to their batting order; stick Kilety in the lead off spot, or the two hole. If you put Kielty, a switch-hitter in the lead off spot you can drop Mark Kotsay to the two or three hole.


It looks like Blanton might have hurt himself going for a groundball. The announcers are of course poitning to his hands...but he looks like he is tripping over himself on the mound and he is not able to keep his balance. It might be a knee/ankle injury.


Dear Elephant Man,

Which jerks are you gonna watch/listen to tonight? A's broadcast or Giants?